Mr Hoppy Secure Adult Shopping Online
01 Jan

Over the last 15 years the way in which we purchase things online has totally changed. I can remember a time when we purchased our first 56k dial up modem and it took a couple of minutes for a site to full load. I’d heard of online shopping as a concept but back then even the largest UK companies had not yet embraced the model. There was still a big doubt as to whether people would feel safe buying online, then secondly whether the experience was actually better than going to a shop and holding the product in your hands.

Flash forward 15 years and although the high-street is still very much alive, the true successes stories have come from the companies who adopted a dual strategy. By combining a bricks and mortar experience where customers can go and see their product, try things on and return items, combined with the ease of being able to order with a couple of clicks from the comfort of your own home. We live in an age of convenience and online shopping in the UK is still evolving. We realise this and so we’re going to continue to evolve with the times.

Some companies have adopted a single strategy as the high street is a high risk and expensive nut to crack. By focusing purely online, whilst offering all the benefits of a high street shop, Mr Hoppy is able to offer the market leading prices on branded products.  We realise that in order to compete with the face to face advice that you can receive in a store we have to offer an impeccable service when buying your adult toys.

So now you can live chat, social message email, or even post correspondence to us. Because we are a truly global 24 hour internet company we’re reachable at almost any hour via social media and live chat. Meaning whatever time of day or night, you can get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to offer in-depth advice on our products.

As we keep moving forwards, we’re determined to be at the forefront or online shopping. Combining price, top service and overall experience should mean Mr Hoppy remains a customer favourite.