Cheap Sex Toys
01 Jan

The most common mistake people make when thinking of a cheap sex toys is that they are going to be poor quality or made from inferior material. In fact, these products are great if you’re looking to experiment and get started with adult toys for the first time.

They aren’t going to break your bank but for under £10 you can experience some incredible, intense stimulation. Whether you want to try a rabbit vibrator for the first time, something like the Jack Rabbit clitoral vibrator. Or you’ve heard about double ended sex toys and want to try stimulating your anus and vagina at the same time then the double mini dildo might be worth a try.

We are contacted daily by customer who want to try something they’ve heard from a friend or seen on TV but don’t want to pay hundreds of pounds for a silicone wireless deluxe toy. Not that these toys are totally incredible too but so many people want to see want to try a taster for a small amount of money without outlaying around £100 for some of the best in market brands such as Lelo.

Starting with Vibes, there’s a lot you can get on a budget. Most of the starter vibes wont come with a complicated control panel or hundreds of different functions, they will be super easy to use and many will have a twisting base that allows you to turn the toy on and off and also adjust the speed of the vibrating motor. These are great for stimulating your erogenous zones during foreplay as you can choose the speed that suits you and your partner best. Clitoral stimulation feels great with some low intense vibrations and so why not give the Rambo 8 inch vibrator a try. Ideal for some deep internal stimulation.

For the guys out there who’ve heard about Fleshlight, the number one question we get each week usually relates to how it feels, does it feel real? Is it worth the money? Well the answer is yes to all of those questions, but we understand that you still may want to try a cheap male sex toy first to see what all the fuss is about. In that case, the Tenga soft tube is a perfect option, subtle in its design but incredible stimulation the soft tube comes with a small sachet of lube and is disposable. So once you’ve experienced the pleasure, you can choose to upgrade to a more premium Tenga or a Fleshlight from our extensive range.

Perhaps you and your partner want to try something a little bit more exciting together and have a bit of fun at the same time. The Extender Hollow strap on is a textured hollow toy that allows the man to insert himself, giving him additional length, girth and texture enhancing the pleasure he gives to his partner.

You may already be quite familiar with the range of toys I’ve covered already and so want to take the next step with something a little more…challenging. Well, look no further than the King Kong Vibrator, 14 inches of vibrating pleasure with and impressive girth. It’s not for the faint hearted but it has the potential to be incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. You might think that a product this powerful is going to come with an equally impressive price tag but this can also be yours for under £15.

The above cheap sex toys are just a few of the items available from Mr hoppy but they are definitely worth a look. Even if it’s only to see what some of our other customers are saying.