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The Screaming O Touch Plus Vibrating Cock Ring is a super intelligent little toy which only activates when it senses your body is close to your partner. No more fumbling around in the dark trying to switch it on! ...Read More

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Vibration only begins when there is body contact with your partner. So this vibe will not only keep you harder for longer, it will also provide waves of intense pleasure for you and your lover! Made of super stretchy SEBS Silicone, this ring is extremely comfortable and will accommodate any size with ease.

Once activated, the vibrator mounted on the cock ring will send powerful vibrations through you and also stimulate your partners clitoris during intercourse.

Because the ring only activates when it's needed, that means the batters can last up to 60 minutes meaning you can both enjoy the sensations for much longer while having sex.


Product Specs
Colour Flesh
Power Single Use Battery
Brand Screaming O
Waterproof N/A

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