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The Fleshlight Renewing Powder is recommended when purchasing any model in the incredible range of male toys. Simple to apply after each use, this will ensure your favourite masturbation toy feels like new every time. ...Read More

Fleshlight Renewing Powder 110ml+
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After each use, you should rinse with warm water before applying the Fleshwash to ensure a thorough clean, then allow for the water to dry. When the product is completely dry inside and out, it's time to use the Fleshlight powder.

Apply a light dusting all over, which will renew the SuperSkin material to feel soft, supple and just like new. Put the Superskin material back inside the plastic casing and now you are ready to go again


Product Specs
Colour White
Power N/A
Brand Fleshlight
Waterproof N/A

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