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The Smoothy prober is the ideal option for those who are looking to shop anal but unsure what size or shape will be the most satisfying. Now you can try two tantalising sensations from with just one anal prober! ...Read More

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Each end has been shaped differently to give a totally different sensation during penetration. Choose which end you want to experience first. The 4 smaller beads gradually grow in size getting wider the more you insert.

The opposite end of this anal device has a slightly larger 4 inch girth which you can build up to slowly and ensure your using plenty of water based lubricant. This super safe anal toy measures 8 inches in total length and is made from a flexy yet firm hypoallergenic rubber material. The smooth shape makes it really easy to clean and maintain.


Product Specs
Colour Purple
Power N/A
Brand Seven Creations
Waterproof Yes
Length 8 Inches

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