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Sweets for your sweets, sugar for your honey! This beautifully crafted G string is bound to introduce a little sweet and spice into your sex life! ...Read More

Lover`s Candy G-String+
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The Lover`s Candy G-String from Mr Hoppy is made from the same sweets that you used to eat as a kid on the bracelets. Now your partner can lick and nibble his way to your most intimate area, leaving behind a wet and sticky mess for him to enjoy! The product can even be refilled so you can relive the sweet experience over and over again!

Ideal for a hen night or just to liven things up in the bedroom - they are sure to bring a smile to both yours and your partner's face.

Forget wearing normal underwear - why not try sporting underwear you can eat!? Tease and tempt your partner into finding the real treat hidden behind the tasty sweets!


Product Specs
Colour Pink
Power N/A
Brand Spencer and Fleetwood
Waterproof N/A
Length One Size

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