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The Ben Wa Balls on a String from Nasstoys is one of the most exciting set of love eggs available from Mr Hoppy. Also known as Geisha Balls, these little toys are designed to give you subtle pleasure along with tightening your vaginal muscles. ...Read More

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They were originally created to help women tone up their pelvic muscles and tighten the internal walls of the vagina. This then leads to improved internal stimulation and added sensations during sexual intercourse.

These plastic balls create the perfect warm-up exercise before a big night out (or in with the partner) and can also be used for self-exploration. With a string of four to play with, these are sure to keep you entertained. Try using these whilst your partner pleases you and pull out at the moment of climax for an earth-shattering orgasm.


Product Specs
Colour Gold
Power N/A
Brand Nasstoys
Waterproof Yes
Length One Size

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