Mr Hoppy's Guide to Sex Toys For Women

You really are spoilt for choice when shopping for female sex toys. We believe there is a product out there for everyone but for some it can be quite intimidating when first taking the plunge. With so many sex toys for women out there it can be hard to know where to start.

If you've never tried a vibrator before how do you know if this type of sex toy is right for you? If you are interested in penetration there's a huge range I'd dildos available but which type of material is best for you? Perhaps you are curious about anal stimulation and would like to experiment with one of our beginners sex toys to help you get started. 

This guide contains everything you need to know about female sex toys and what to look for. Finding the right sex toy for you is so important and can totally transform you and your partner’s sex lives.

The first area of stimulation for a lot of women is the clitoris, most orgasms will come as a result of clitoral stimulation and there is a world of sex toys designed to target this ultra sensitive area. Probably most common of all sex toys is the vibrator, available in all shapes and sizes we stock a range of bullet vibrators and clit stimulators designed for external use. They a super easy tin use and often come with a range if settings which allow you to set your desired speed and intensity.

We always recommend using plenty of lubricant when using our vibrators and there are some really incredible products available. Choose from lubricants which make your clitoris tingle, cool down or gently warm as you massage yourself to orgasm.

You can't mention sex toys without thinking about the incredible rampant rabbit and this is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Now available in a huge range if shapes and sizes, this rabbit vibrator stimulates the clitoris with two vibrating bunny ears. The ears gently nuzzle the clitoris while the rotating stimulates your g spot giving incredible dual stimulation. The rabbit vibe puts you in complete control with and easy to use panel mounted on the base, allowing you to set the vibration and rotation speeds separately.

A lot of women love having their nipples stimulated and we stock a collection of cleverly designed products to squeeze, suck, pinch and vibrate you in to ecstasy. Nipple play products are great fun to use during foreplay with a partner and are great value for money with vibrating nipple clamps and nipple suckers starting at under £10.

The g spot is another incredibly sensitive area which can lead to some incredible orgasms. Located on the front wall of the vagina around 2 inches inside, the g spot can be stimulated using a range of sex toys designed specifically for the job. G spot vibrators are easily recognisable by their curved shape and slightly angled head. Some people choose to experiment with a dildo to massage the g spot, while others choose a g spot vibrator which sends powerful vibrations stimulating the g spot and giving powerful orgasms. G spot stimulation is also how many women archive the holy grail of female ejaculation, see Mr Hoppy's guide to g spot stimulation for more information. 

Sometimes replicating the look and feel of a penis is a great way of pleasuring yourself both internally and externally. We stock a range if realistic dildos and realistic vibrators which are designed to feel incredibly life like. Choose from a range of sizes from regular 6 inch dildos to extra large vibrating dildos capable of delivering unparalleled penetration. Realistic sex toys come in a range of different materials including rubber, plastic, jelly and silicone. We recommend always using plenty of lubricant when using our sex toys as lube will enhance your pleasure making the sex toy super smooth and slippery.

If your curios about experimenting with temperature play then one if our glass sex toys might be perfect for you. Made from super strong glass these glass dildos and butt plugs are almost unbreakable. Simply leave your glass sex toy for a few minutes in the fridge and then experiment with the cool feel against your skin and other erogenous areas. Glass sex toys are fantastic fun for use with a partner during foreplay. Alternatively you can gently warm your toy before use, giving you a pleasant warming sensation during penetration. 

For a lot of people subtlety is the number one factor when purchasing a female sex toy. We stock various vibrators which are designed to keep the noise to a minimum which means you can achieve the same amazing stimulation but with a super quiet vibrator. 
Another subtle and exciting option to consider are love eggs. Their discreet design allows you to insert the sex toy internally while the eggs move and vibrate inside. Often they will come with a remote control which allows you to lie back and enjoy the powerful internal vibrations hands free. Simply adjust the speed of the love eggs with the easy to use wireless control panel.

Anal play is the final taboo for a lot if women and we stock a comprehensive range of toys suitable for beginners and more experienced users. Anal stimulation can give never felt before sensations and our range of toys are specifically designed to hit the right spot. Whether it's an anal vibrator or a set if anal beads, each bask toy offers a slightly different sensation which can be great fun when experiment with a partner. Why not try a set of our anal beads, simply insert as many beads as you feel comfortable and then remove them at point of climax for and incredible never felt before pleasure. Click here to view our full range of anal sex toys for him and for her. Or if you would like more information on anal play, click to view our complete guide to anal play.