Mr Hoppy's Guide to Magic Wand Vibrators

If you love the feeling if a powerful vibrator then a magic wand vibrator may be perfect for you. Wand vibes are popular with is many customers because of the versatile nature and their incredible power. Magic wand vibes are great for stimulation erogenous areas all over the body.

With such a powerful stimulating vibrator you may notice that they are slightly louder than some of the battery lowered vibrators we offer. This extra noise is definitely worth it as the vibrations which the magic wand delivers are off the charts.

Magic wand vibes come in a range if different options depending in what you are looking for. For those who are after a discreet vibes with all the features of a wand vibrator the Twizzle Trigger Wand Is perfect.

If you want to feel incredible uncompromising vibrations then the crime de la crime is The Rocks Off Luv Vibrating Massager. Some vibratng massage wands require a power socket to plug them in and so one point to think about is the available power sockets in your home as you will be restricted to using the wine within a few feet of this location.

Magic wands vibes are great value for money and a popular choice if you are looking to buy your first vibrator and not sure which one to choose. Why not try the Tokyo design Love Wand, it's great value for money and has 6 different speed options.

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury sex toys then you have to consider the Lelo smart wands. Totally waterproof, you can experience this incredible vibrator I the bath or shower. They are amazing fun to use I your own but also with a partner. The Lelo wands are also fully rechargeable meaning you won't have to keep replacing the batteries. They include some impressive technology as the harder you press the vibrator against your skin the faster the vibratory will go.

With all our vibrators we recommend you pick up a good quality lubricant to enhance your experience and make using a wand vibrator even more pleasurable. We recommend using the Loving Joy Slide Lubricant as it’s water based so great for use with all sex toy materials including silicone.

Mr Hoppy has a complete range of magic wand vibrators but also hundreds of other vibrators to choose from.