How to Introduce Sex Toys in to a Relationship

Sex toys aren’t just designed for single people, they are great to use with a partner too. Some people find it hard to introduce a sex toy in to the relationship. How do you casually drop sex toys in to the conversation? How will my partner react? These are all totally normal questions which everyone feels anxious about when first thinking of suggesting it.

If it’s a new relationship is can be extra nerve-racking but it’s better to be open an honest with your partner from the start.

Sex toys can increase the pleasure for both of you and so the chances are if your partner has not experienced the feel of a sex toy before, then they might love it as much as you. Whether it’s a rabbit vibrator, dildo, or any of the other couples sex toys we offer in the UK, It’s important you tell your partner about your sexual needs.

If you are looking for your first sex toy to bring in to the bedroom then it’s important you choose something which you can both enjoy.

Bullet vibrators are fantastic sex toys to get started with. They are easy to use, and often come with a range of vibrations which you can select at the touch of a button. Their size is perfect as it wont be intimidating for your partner whilst giving off strong enough vibrations for some extreme pleasure. They are Ideal for clitoral stimulation during foreplay or sex.

Vibrating cock rings are a great value for money choice as they stimulate both partners with a vibrating bullet vibrator mounted on the cock ring. The cock ring is designed to stretch over the penis and sit at the base of the shaft, giving a stronger harder erection. You can turn the bullet vibrator on easily either by a touch of the button located on the vibrator or by using a remote control which you will find on some of our remote control sex toys.

So if you are interested in trying out a new sex toy with your partner, check out Mr Hoppy's full range of Bullet Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, Vibrating Cock Rings and Couples Sex Toys.