Mr Hoppy's Guide to Sex Swings


For many people the sex swing the ultimate in sexual indulgence. The swing not only offers a completely new dimension to sex but it can totally transform your sex life. Gone are the days where the only people who could afford a swing are the super rich, our range of swings are competitively priced and aimed at people who are curios but don’t want to break the bank at the same time.

 There are so many reasons why you should buy a sex swing, for a lot of people it’s used to spice things up, offering a new dimension to sex, allowing you to achieve incredible never felt before positions.  For others who might be overweight, sex can sometimes feel uncomfortable and doesn’t allow you to achieve the positions and pleasure they’re searching for. The swing solves all those problems by taking all your weight and allowing you to lie back totally suspended, leaving your partner free to manoeuvre you in to your desired position.

 The straps are fully adjustable allowing you to tailor the swing to fit your body perfectly. Made from super strong materials, the swing is sturdy and can be suspended via a hook mounted in the ceiling. For those who want their swing to look discreet, this product can be easily unhooked and packed away.

 One of the many reasons couples choose to invest in a sex swing is the ease at which you can hit the g spot, with a few small adjustments you can hit the desired spot and have you partner is a state of ecstasy. Click here to view our complete range of couples sex toys and swings.

Buying a sex swing from Mr Hoppy opens up a whole new world of positions which you and your partner can start to enjoy. We’ve detailed a few below to get your started. For thos ewho want to buy one of the best swings on the market then we recommend The Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing. Or if you are limited for space then the Lux Fetish Door Slam Love Swing is a great option.