Mr Hoppy's Guide to Sex Dolls

Mr Hoppy is proud to stock a complete range of male sex toys, masturbators and realistic vaginas. For those looking for the ultimate in realistic sexual experience then one of our super realistic sex dolls might be up your street. If you invest in a top of the range sex doll then you’re in for a treat. This sex toy offers hands free sexual experience which feels almost identical to the real thing. Loads of people are curious about using a doll and how it might compare to using a handheld masturbator.

Because of the different sizes, materials and prices out there, we recommend doing a little research to ensure you make the right choice. We’ve detailed some of the best tips and tricks on what to look for before taking the plunge and purchasing your first sex doll.

Our diverse range includes budget options along with the ultra premium super realistic look and feel dolls. Even if you have a tight budget, there’s a good chance you can find a product which will blow your mind.


Inflatable’s are considered by most as the most entry level basic sex doll. Usually they wont come with the hole to insert a masturbator such as a Fleshlight.  Their holes will be fairly straight forward and usually all you need I a tube of your favourite lubricant to use the toy. Whenever possible we’d recommend combining the hole with a pocket pussy to enhance your sensation considerably. Vise versa is you already own the pocket pussy, you can make the experience a lot more realistic by purchasing an inflatable toy and simply combining the two together. If you want to pair up your existing product with one of our dolls or masturbators, click here to view our complete range.

One huge benefit of an inflatable sex toy is the ease of use. When you want to use your toy simply inflate, then once you are finished make sure the toy is cleaned then deflate and store somewhere safe. Some of the realistic dolls are obviously life sized meaning you have to find a suitable location to store them when not in use. 

Lifelike dolls

 These ultra lifelike products are the deluxe version of the inflatable dolls. Instead of a basic hole they often come with a removable masturbator which can be cleaned and serviced easily. You can also purchase interchangeable vaginas allowing you to experience a variety of sensations with the same product.  The more premium versions will sometimes come with a vibrator build in to the toy for added sensation and pleasure when using the pleasure doll. With such a high value quality product, it’s important to look after it with renewing powder and wash to ensure the doll feels like new time and time again.


For those looking for the ultimate blowjob experience then we stock a range of realistic blow job sex dolls which are perfect if you want a realistic blowjob experience. They usually come with incredibly detailed facial features and realistic hair. They are a great option if you are shopping on a budget and aren’t necessarily looking for a complete body or are worried about storage of a life-sized doll.


These dolls are the best when is comes to lifelike features, real feel skin and attention to detail. Their features are often modelled on real world adult actresses and they will be made with no expense spared. You can usually tell a realistic doll by is quality look and feel, they will weight a lot more that other dolls and will feel closer to a real person. Often when purchasing these sex toys you can choose from as little or as much of the toy as you like. Some people just purchase a torso where others want the complete experience with arms and legs too. The choice if yours but cost will obviously reflect how many parts you desire.

Along with the lifelike versions these dolls require more TLC compared to the cheaper budget options. The real feel kin will often require renewing powder and proper cleaning to ensure the product remains like new. If you can overcome the storage challenge and are prepared to care for and service your doll properly then you’ll reap the rewards of arguably one of the best male sex toys available today. If you want more advice why not check out some of our customer reviews for more information and to see what our satisfied customers thought.