Mr Hoppy's Guide to Penis Pumps

A Penis Pump or cock pump is a really simple device designed to be placed over the penis creating a vacuum. This increases blood flow and so the erectile tissue expands giving you a stronger erection. Knowing how to use a penis pump is really important before you get started.

The airtight cylinder goes over the top of the penis, this is connected to a tube which leads to a pump to increase suction and there will also be a release valve to release the pressure. The penis pumps can vary in size and so it is recommended that you measure yourself against the product dimensions to ensure the penis pump fits you correctly.

To use the pump add a small amount of lubricant around the edge of the cylinder, this will help create a good seal around the base of your penis. Gently press against your body and begin pumping the device. Once you have a good seal you just need to squeeze and release the pump. The suction will happen when you release the pump and not when you squeeze it, so be particularly careful when doing so. We recommend pumping slowly as it doesn’t take many pumps to increase the pressure.

Continue pumping until your penis is erect, then when you are happy stop and slowly press the release valve. Once your penis leaves the cylinder is will gradually go back to its normal size.

It’s recommended not using the pump for more than 20 minutes at a time but you can use the pump often with gaps between each session.

Your penis will respond to regular pumping so the amount of time you spend will determine how big and strong your erections become. The penis pump can deliver semi permanent results with regular pumping, you may see improvements in the girth of the penis and a slight increase in penis length also. Check out our range of Penis Pumps all with free delivery from Mr Hoppy.