Mr Hoppy's Guide to Male Masturbators

WIth so many male masturbators on the market it's important you know the different options available along with how to use a male sex toy correctly. We've detailed some of the best male masturbators on the market today to help you decide which one to choose.


The Rev 1000

The Rev 1000 is designed for comfort and ease of use, the ergonomically shaped design features a straight forward control panel on the handle. This allows you to select one of the 49 different pleasure combinations of speed and function.

Inside the Rev1000 you will find soft textures pleasure nodules, they feel ultra realistic and intense with two different options to choose from.  The soft internal pleasure nodules rotate in a variety of different speeds both clock wise and anti clockwise leaving you in complete control.

The powerful motor delivers truly pleasurable experience as you can choose from the 7 different speeds and 7 different functions at the same time.

There is a clear LED light display which shows you which setting you are on. With so many different variations available you are guaranteed to find a setting which is perfect for you.

The Rev 1000 is also rechargeable meaning you don’t have to keep replacing the batteries.

It’s easy to clean, and comes with an extension ring which you can add or remove in order to tailor the Rev1000 to fit you perfectly.

The combination of the design, comfort and ease of use makes the Rev 1000 one of the best male masturbators in the market today, perfect for both newcomers and the more experienced users.


The Tenga Egg

Each Tenga egg comes individually wrapped. You can easily remove the egg from wrapper and then separate the shell to reveal the soft realistic feel sleeve.

Every tenga egg has its own unique texture. Tenga eggs, although small can stretch from 2.5 inches up to 12 inches in length with 8 inches in girth.

Simply add the sachet of lubricant included and you are ready to go. Easy to use and amazingly pleasurable the Tenga egg is a great value for money male masturbator from our Tenga Range.



Fleshlights come in a range of different sizes and designs. From the original Fleshlight with real feel soft stretchy skin to the range of Fleshlight Girls, which have been specially designed to look and feel like your favourite adult actresses.

You can even get a vibrating version of the Fleshlight called the Fleshlight Vibro. It features the same great designs but also includes 3 bullet vibrators which can be inserted in to the sex toy for intense stimulation. They are really easy to clean too.

Why not check out Mr Hoppy's guides to Fleshlights for more information.,


The Tenga Flip Hole Black

The Tenga Flip Whole Black offers a complete sensory overload, available in a range of different colours and textures. It can be opened completely for easy cleaning and drying.

The user can apply pressure wherever they desire as the toy features three separate pressure points for even more control and stimulation.. The flip hole uses the best cutting edge technology and as a result, the Tenga Flip Hole male masturbators is one of the most highly rated in the market. Inside the Flip hole there are a huge amount of different textures, designs and nodules. As you go deeper each stage offers and totally and different sensation.

The Tenga Flip Hole is also available in white. The Tenga Flip Hole White offers a slightly different internal structure of silicone nodules and sensations to be discovered. Easy to use again and again, the Tenga products are ideal for both beginners and the more experienced users.