Mr Hoppy's Guide to Lubricants

With so many different lubes out there its hard to know which one to choose. Typically lubricant falls in to three different categories. We want to show you the difference between Water Based Lubricant, Silicone Lubricants and Hybrid lubes. More importantly how to use lubricant correctly for a super slippery experience.

Water based lubes are great for all kinds of sexual situations, it can be used with all types of sex toys, it cleans up easily with soapy water and it won’t stain your bed sheet or clothes. It can also be used with condoms.

Water based lube can easily be flushed out of the system which is why it is sometimes preferred to Silicone Lube. One of the drawbacks with water based lube is that it will be absorbed in to the skin after a while and so will require reapplication on a regular basis.

Different lubes break down at different rates. Silicone lubes are latex and condom compatible, they are ideal for use in the shower, pool or hot tub because they don’t wash away in water. This can also be a bit of a draw back as they can stain your clothes and sheets and prove more difficult to get out.

Silicone lubes don’t break down or get absorbed in to the skin and so are great for using over prolonged periods as you don’t need to keep reapplying them.

Hybrid lubes are relatively new. They are a combination of water based and silicone lubes in one. It gives you the long lasting benefits of a silicone lubricant with the advantages of water based lube as it washes away easily and can be used with most sex toys. They are condom and latex compatible but you should be careful when using with silicone sex toys as they do still have some silicone in them.

Hybrid Lubricants vary in consistency depending on the ratio of water to silicone. Some lubes are very thin such as Gun Oil, it has a thinner consistency than water.

Some lubes such as Sooth are antibacterial with a thick lubricated consistency and so ideal for anal sex. Pink silicone lube is a popular favourite as it falls somewhere in the middle with consistency. It is really down to your own preference and experimentation to find the perfect lubricant for you.


Lubes also come in a variety of different flavours such as Juicy Lube Pumps Wild Cherry. Flavoured lube is not flavoured with sugars they are safe to use without fear of yeast infections. Women who are sensitive to glycerine should be careful and always read the ingredient label on all their lubes. 

Lubes are sometimes made with tingling or warming sensations added, there is Tingling Ecstasy which gives a tingling sensation when using them. There are also his and hers lubes available, simply apply a different lube to each partner and upon contact they start to produce a tingling sensation together.

Always be careful when using these lubes for the first time as the tingling can be quite intense, experiment with a small amount at first to ensure you use the optimum amount and achieve the desired sensation.

Silicone lubes should not be used with silicone sex toys and the two can react together causing the sex toy to break down and lose its sheen. Mr Hoppy recommends water based lubes with silicone sex toys.

Lube is definitely needed in anal sex. The anus is not self lubricating and so to ensure your anal play is comfortable we recommend using an Anal Lube. Anal Lubes are thicker than regular lubes. Majority of anal lubes are water based which means they are compatible with anal sex toys and use with condoms. Always apply to yourself and your sex toy or partner before you begin.

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