Mr Hoppy's Guide to Lingerie Styles

Whether you are buying an item for you or a loved one, it can be a little confusing knowing where to start. Mr Hoppy has devised the below guide to help you decide on the perfect item to make you or your partner feel super sexy and comfortable.

Because there’s so many items out there we’ve broken the guide down in to sections. Firstly we have corsets and Basques. And then we have other items such as knickers, bras, babydolls, chemises etc. We’ll also advise you on the best hosiery items including sexy stockings and bodystockings.

If you are searching for a classy and classical seductive look, then some of our structured items might be the perfect option for you.



A corset is probably the most well known of structured clothing. Designed to shape your body by reducing the size of your waist, whilst accentuating your bust with tightly laced fittings. Majority of corsets available will cover your bust and so are also great for wearing out and about.



A basque has a similar design to a corset but with one key difference, it has cups and is usually made from lacier material. A lot of people prefer the Basque to a corset though they wont reduce your waist line. Sometimes they will have plastic sculpting to add additional shape to your bust.



For those who want the look of a corset but without the shape changing pressure that the corset puts on your body, the bustier is the ideal choice. It has a very similar look but will not reduce your waist line and so is ultra comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time.


Mini dress

Simple in its design but super sexy and flattering, the minidress has the same shape as a regular dress but with a reduced hemline. Great for wearing out in a nightclub or at a party, Mr Hoppy stocks a full range of mini dresses in our Clubwear section.



 For those who have always fantasised about being seduced by catwomen, this sleek and sexy outfit it tight fitting and covers almost all the body. They usually feature a zip which allows you to easily slip in or out of this sexy outfit quickly.


Cupless with Suspenders

For that raunchy look the cupless with suspenders outfit is perfect. Ideal if you want to enjoy some fetish role play, this outfit allows you to accessories with a sexy pair of stockings.


If you want something a little more lose and relaxed, then Mr Hoppy stocks some stunning items, ideal for lazing around at home or spending lying in bed with a partner.



The babydoll is probably one of the cutest lingerie items that we stock. It’s playful and fun with a simple design that shows off your legs and also enhances the bust. Their design allows them to flare out towards the base meaning they aren’t at all body hugging making them comfortable and sexy.



The flyaway has a similar look and feel to the babydoll but with one subtle difference. The fly away has an open front or back which makes them slightly more revealing. Ideal to match up with a sexy g-string set.



The chemise is another ultra popular item at Mr Hoppy, they are slightly more practical than the other lose fitting items making them ideal for daily us. Because of their lose fit, they are great for all body types, flattering and comfortable is a very popular combination.



A camisole usually comes with a top and matching knickers set. They consist of a simple vest design which comes with a lose fitting floaty base. Ideal for showing off some of your best assets, the cami is another cute, comfortable and fun piece of lingerie.



The Teddy is ideal for a range of body shapes because it sensually covers the body whilst seductively exposing all the right places. They also consist of shorts and a vest top, making them another really comfortable option for wearing in bed.



The body shares some similarities with a teddy but it’s a lot more fitted and will show off all your curves. Similar to a swimsuit design the body comes as a one piece available n a number of different styles and finishes.

One of the most popular and cost effective ways of spicing things up is with a pair of our sexy knickers, thongs or g strings. Ideal for enhancing one of your best assets.


Briefs and Shorts

Also referred to as French knickers or hot pants, these knickers are ultra sexy and perfect for a range of different body shapes. Ideal if you don’t like the look or feel of a thong or g string.


G Strings

G strings differ slightly from thongs because they have a slightly thinner piece of fabric linking the garment together. The g string is super revealing and sexy because it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.



The thong is probably the most popular item of clothing which we sell at Mr Hoppy. Ideal for everyday wear, the thong will help you look sleek and sexy whilst feeling comfortable at the same time.


If you’ve invested in one of our other garments, then why not finish the look perfectly with a pair of sexy stockings or hold ups. Ideal for accentuating the curves of your body and making your legs looks sexy and smooth.


Hold ups

Hold ups are designed to stay in position via an elasticated top which will grip the top of your thigh holding them in place. They will often come in a range of different styles and materials.


Suspender Stockings

Suspender stockings are designed to worm with a suspender belt. They attach easily and can totally transform the look of your legs. Great value for money, suspenders will have your partner on his knees begging for more.


Suspender Belt

A suspender belt of garter belt is designer to be worn with suspenders and will hold them securely in place. They should easily attach to your stockings completing your sexy look.



Bodystockings usually come in a one size fits all design, available with different finished such as fishnet or the sae material as tights. Incredibly sexy, the bodystocking covers the boy from head to toe but will often come in a crotchless option for easy access.



Mr Hoppy holds a range of different tights in stock from wide fishnet designs to lacy, complicated patterns. Designed to shape the look of your legs they can be worn as part of a sexy bedroom outfit or more simply for day to day use.