Mr Hoppy's Guide to First Time Anal Play

Anal Play is no longer a taboo but something to be enjoyed and experienced by all. Anal play can be used in many sexual scenarios to enhance solo masturbation or sex with a partner. It’s worth buying a toy specifically designed for anal play, although regular dildos and vibrators can be used, anal dildos are specially shapes to hit all the right spots. Anal sex toys can be enjoyed by both men and women either on your own or with a partner.


Does Anal Play Hurt

Anal play can be painful if not done correctly. A bad experience can put a lot of people off exploring anal play as a magical form of sexual stimulation. The anal sphincter is very sensitive muscle which needs lots of gentle stimulation in order to become relaxed.

Always take your time and never push yourself too far, when you are ready you should start slowly with an anal toy doing as much or as little as you like.


How do use Anal Beads?

If you are new to anal play then Anal Beads come highly recommended. Always use lots of lubricant on yourself and the toy. Gently begin to insert the smaller beads inside you gradually. Insert as many as you feel comfortable with, they can be pulled out during climax or sex or masturbation for an enhanced orgasm.


How Do I Use Anal Dildos?

Like most anal toys we recommend using plenty of lubricant on yourself and the dildo. They are great for beginners as they come in multiples sizes and shapes. Pick a shape which you are comfortable with, preferably textured.  Slide the dildo inside with ease ensuring you don’t push the dildo too far. Always keep one hand on the dildo angling the dildo to hit the right spots.  Anal dildos allow you to keep control of the depth and intensity of anal play.


How do I use Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs are great because they can be inserted for longer term stimulation of the anus. Always apply lots of lubricant to the toy and your anus. Gradually insert the small end of the butt plug in to your anus, it may be difficult to insert initially and you may need to angle the butt plug towards your stomach. Slowly insert the butt plug until you reach the thin neck of the plug. Once the butt plug is inserted you can get on with other stimulating sexual activities. Some people like to use a butt plug before anal sex with a partner to gently widen them.


How do I ensure I am clean?

Anal play can be quite messy and so you should take steps to ensure there are no mishaps. We recommend you should use the bathroom 30 minutes before anal play. Faeces is not stored in the anal passage where a penis or toy can reach.

As we mentioned earlier an Anal Douche or enema is a great option if you want to ensure you are really clean and hygienic. The Douche or enema will deposit water in the anal passage, cleaning out and faeces.  Always ensure you use condoms on your anal sex toys to stop and bacterial build up, It also ensures no faeces are stuck on it.

If anal play is for you and you are enjoyed your first experience then why not invest in one of our larger and more varied anal sex toys. We have a wide range of Anal Dildos, Butt Plugs, Glass Plugs and Anal Vibrators to choose from.

If you didn’t enjoy it, don’t worry anal play is not for everyone and should not be done if it’s painful or you don’t feel comfortable.


Need more information?

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