Mr Hoppy's Guide to Fleshlights

With so many different styles of Fleshlight on the market it can be a difficult decision choosing the one for you. It’s a really popular products with our customers, infact it is the most popular male masturbator across the entire market. Some people have never heard of male masturbators, others are curious about how they feel and whether they are worth the investment. Fleshlights are a step up from other male masturbators in the market, recreating an identical feeling to sex. They are the perfect product for people who like a discreet looking product as they are designed to look like a torch. After purchasing you should also make sure you know how to use a fleshlight correctly for maximum satisfaction.

The fleshlight doesn’t always have to be used on your own, it can be a great tool for use in foreplay with a partner. Inside the torchlike tin, the texture is soft and smooth, the fleshlight is actually amazingly stretchy and feels impressively lifelike. The tin is designed to be discreet but also allows the user to grip the product effectively

Fleshlights are a premium male masturbation product, there are other mal masturbators on the market but the fleshlight is a Mr Hoppy favourite.

The Original Fleshlight

The original fleshlight comes with the standard case and soft insert as a complete package. Mr Hoppy offers a number of different variations such as the Fleshlight Pink Vagina Vortex and the Fleshlight Pink Mouth Original they all come with the pleasurable soft vaginal entrance and various internal designs to heighten your sensation.

Mr Hoppy Recommends: Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original


Fleshlight Girls

Jesse Jane , Jenna Haze,  Riley Steele, Lisa Ann, Asa Akira, Katsuni, StoyaTori BlackTera Patrick and Teagan Presely are all available as fleshlight girls. The fleshlight itself has been moulded to the body shape of the porn stars to give you a truly unique porn star experience.

The openings are unique to the individual porn stars and the range comes with exclusive textures. The inserts differ slightly in colour to the original pink fleshlights adding to the realistic look and feel.

Mr Hoppy recommends: Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Lotus Vagina


Fleshlight Sex In A Can

Sex in a can fleshlights are slightly shorter in length than regular fleshlights with a total of 6.5 inches of length.

They offer the same amazing sensation as a regular fleshlight or fleshlight girl. Their compact size means you can transport them much easier and makes them fantastic value for money. With fleshlights sex in a can starting from £46.99

Fleshlight sex in a can come in a range of evternam and internal designs and textures.

Mr Hoppy Recommends: Fleshlight Sex In A Can Lady Lager


Fleshlight Vibro

Combining the amazing sensation of a fleshlight with the added pleasure of three vibrators, the Fleshlight vibro offers the best of both worlds.

By adding 3 bullet vibrators to the fleshlight you can experience something totally new and tantalising. 3 Bullets allow you to experiment with your fleshlight perhaps start with one bullet and gradually build up to 3 for a truly amazing orgasm.

Mr Hoppy Recommends: Fleshlight Vibro Pink Vagina Touch


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