Mr Hoppy's Guide to Ben Wa Balls

Since the imminent release of the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie was announced. We’ve been inundated with enquiries about the official range of products to accompany the film. None more so that the ben wa balls or kegel balls which are used in the books and undoubtedly will feature in the movie too.

Not only do the balls feel amazing when inserted in to the vagina but they also are great at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. So what’s the point in having super strong pelvic floor muscles? There are loads of amazing benefits not least strengthened pelvic floor muscles help you achieve longer lasting orgasms, you also benefit from a tighter feeling vagina and it can also help with bladder control.

The ben wa balls are available to buy in a range of different materials and sizes such as rubber, silicone, glass and metal. The many options mean that there’s a perfect product out there for everyone. Simply click on Mr Hoppy’s range of Eggs and Rings to browse the complete range. 

Mr Hoppy stocks a comprehensive range of ball including kegel exercisers. These toner balls can be worn and enjoyed by all women either walking around the home or out and about. Muscles can be toned and strengthened by tightening the pelvic floor muscles around the duo balls.  Why not check out the Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls Pink

Or alternatively if you like the super smooth feel of glass then the Crystal Premium Glass Eggs come in three beatuful designs.

The pleasure aspect of this exercise comes from small weights housed inside the balls. These tiny weights move up and down, back and forwards sending waves of pleasure and stimulating your g spot.  These balls are similar to that of a Chinese stress ball if you have ever played with one.

Ben wa balls are probably closer to a sex toy than kegel balls or jiggle balls. They come is loads of different sizes and some are even small enough to be worn during penetration. They are often lighter than the kegel ball making them ideal for wearing over longer periods, like the commute to work of perhaps a trip to the local shops.  Why not try the  Doc Johnson Original Ben Wa Balls.

Vibrating balls or love eggs are perfect if you’ve tried a kegel or ben wa ball and want a little more vibration sensation. The vibrating balls, are inserted like normal but you have the added bonus of a handy remote control to set the vibration speed. These powerful eggs will send incredible waves of pleasure through your body, stimulating your g spot. For added fun, you can always hand the controls over to your partner to decide how much pleasure you deserve.. Why not try the Odeco 12 Speed Egg VIbrator.

After a period of training yourself with the jiggle balls you should be able to clench them inside without them falling out. you are then well on the way to achieving longer more satisfying orgasms either on your own during masturbation or with your partner.  We always recommend using plenty of lube to allow the balls to slide inside easily and comfortable. Try the Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel Lubricant for super slippery best results.